How To Add Color to Your Wardrobe

When the winter rolls around, our wardrobes usually suffer from a bad case of drabness. Cold months tend to repel the inspiration to include colorful, bold pieces to our daily look. Instead we opt for darker colors, like black, navy blue, brown, and anything that is classified as a neutral color. And while these colors are great to have, they are not colors to wear all the time, every day. Dark colors are equated with boredom and just like the saying “you are what you eat,” you are what you wear. If you wear dark colors all the time, you are going to feel dark and maybe even depressed. Clothes are supposed to make you feel happy. And you know the best way to do that? Add some color to your wardrobe. Get rid of neutral and add some brights! Here are just a few days to lighten up your drab wardrobe!

1) Take your neutral outfit up a notch by including a colorful bag. Bright arm candy is all the rage and shows off a certain air of polish and panache.

2) Add a little touch of color with your sunglasses. Go for jewel-toned shades! Just remember to choose a frame and complements your face and doesn’t look out of proportion.

3) Let a little color peek out. Whether you choose a brightly hued bra or a strikingly colorful camisole, a little hint of color under a neutral top can really elevate what you are wearing!

4) Add some color with statement jewelry pieces. Over-sized bracelets and chunky necklaces are a perfect touch of color and add a whole lot of fun. And you don’t need to buy crazy-expensive pieces! Acrylic jewelry is fun, fashionable, and definitely won’t break the bank!

5) Go big or go home with a bright pair of pants! You can stick with a neutral colored top, but let your pants stand out! Slim cut pastel pants are currently hot on all the runways and you can get a pair for yourself! Best part of these is they can be dressed up or down!

6) Sometimes all it takes is a bright hue of nail polish to take you to the next level. Nail polish is versatile and you can always experiment to find out which colors fit your style and personality best!

7) You may not think about it, but your shoes can say a lot about who you are. If you are a fan of the white-on-white trend, a colored pair of shoes can go a long way to spice up your outfit.


Choosing a Color for Your Personalized Acrylic Necklace

As many most likely know, in terms of fashion, color is in! Drab and blah are out and bursts of color is what you see know on all the runways. Even a plain black dress can be taken up a notch with the inclusion of bright heels, a pastel jacket, or even colored jewelry. But why get just any old piece of jewelry when you can have a fun and fabulous acrylic necklace that is personalized just for you?!

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What is your favorite color? Did you know that many psychologists state that the colors people choose as their favorite says a lot about their personality and the type of person they are. Have you ever thought if your favorite color matches up to your personality? Take a look below to see!

Black: You are artistic and sensitive. While you aren’t an introvert, you are careful when it comes to details of your life and you do not easily shore with other people.

Red: You live life to the fullest. You are tenacious and always determined no matter what the endeavor is.

Blue: You love things in harmony. You are very sensitive, reliable, and you tend to think about others. The most important aspect in life to you is stability.

Green: You are very loyal, affectionate, and frank. You are very aware of what others think of you and, therefore, believe your reputation is very important.

Yellow: You have a love of knowledge and sharing what you know with other people. Being happy comes easy to you and others would say you have a “sunny disposition.”

Purple: You are unique and very artistic. While you can be arrogant at times, you always have great respect for others.

*NOTE: Yes, these descriptions are quite generic, but they provide a basic idea in terms of assessing a person’s personality based on favorite color choice!

Add Color To Any Ensemble

Go from drab to fab in an instant with just a pop of color! If you are wearing an outfit that is very monochrome and you want to stand out just a bit, add some color that will really take your ensemble to the next level! It can be a pair of shoes, a simple scarf, a purse, or your favorite colorful piece of jewelry. You can even overlap and mix and match colors to make the ultimate style statement! Why not layer a few colorful name necklaces around your neck! It is definitely a great way to show off your personality!

Give a Personalized Acrylic Necklace as a Gift

Trying to find the perfect gift to give someone for a birthday or any other special occasion? An acrylic necklace is the perfect option! It is fun yet can also be very stylish and chic. Take an acrylic monogram necklace for example! Monograms are very popular right now, and you can combine color with the latest trend in personalized jewelry to provide the best possible gift! Just don’t forget to get that person’s initials so you can create the perfect monogram!