Everyone Loves an Acrylic Initial Necklace

Personalized jewelry has been a huge fashion trend for quite awhile now. ¬†Everyone loves wearing a name or monogram necklace. Each and every accessory is personalized for that person and therefore each and every item is unique. However, it doesn’t just stop with monograms and names, initial jewelry is also quite the rage. Initial necklaces offer a bit of mystery and intrigue as you are always wondering what that letter stands for. It may be minimal but initial necklaces make a huge statement regarding someone’s personal identity! But instead of going with the regular jewelry materials – silver and gold – why not go for something a bit more…colorful?! That’s right, you can get an acrylic initial necklace with any letter you want!

What Letter to Get on Your Acrylic Initial Necklace

Now the question is what initial do you get on this necklace! There are so many options…well, 26 options to be precise. ¬†You can get the first initial of your first, middle, or last name, the initial of a significant other, or, if you have a favorite letter, you can get that! One cool thing to do is to purchase a number of color initial necklaces with different chain lengths and layer them to spell out words or full initials! The options are really quite endless. And the best part is that you can get the initial of your choice in any color you want or, to ensure you always have the ultimate look, get one in every available color. This assures you that you will always have a necklace to wear no matter what you pull out of the closet!

Did you know that an acrylic initial necklace makes for an excellent gift? It really does. Anyone who receives a letter necklace is sure to like it and wear it all the time. It is simple yet elegant, as well as super sleek and stylish.

Get yourself an acrylic initial necklace of your very own!