Show Off NCAA Team Spirit in a Fashionable Way with Acrylic Necklaces

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known to all as the NCAA, is currently enjoying the 2014 college basketball tournament! Everyone’s favorite college teams are currently playing for the title of supreme collegiate basketball team! Everyone across the United States are creating their own brackets and trying to guess who will make it through the big dance all the way to the winner. And as always, every year there are upsets and surprises, leaving many with busted brackets. But that’s okay. It’s all about having a good time…well, maybe not if you are trying for Warren Buffett’s billion dollar bracket. What are your brackets looking like right now?

But it isn’t just about creating brackets and hoping your team advances to the end and is victorious, it is about showing your support for your favorite team! And what is the best way to show your support? Well, that would be to wear it of course! During this time of the year, it is not uncommon to see people sporting their favorite school on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Many people also wear their team’s colors when that team is playing. What better way to show your team pride than by going to a bar and dressing up in your team’s colors. Whether you dress in orange and blue for Syracuse, white and green for Michigan State, or blue and gold for UCLA, everyone is sure to figure out who you are rooting for. But clothing and face paint aren’t the only two ways to show off team pride – accessories can work just as well, and for women it is the perfect accoutrement ┬áto add to any outfit! And while you can wear big statement pieces matching your school colors, what about a personalized necklace with the name of your team? And not only will it read the name of your team, but it will also be in the color of your team as well! You can get a purple acrylic necklace that says “Tigers” for Louisiana State University, a red “Cardinals” necklace for Stanford University, or an orange “Cavalier” for the University of Virginia. You can even get an acrylic monogram necklace with the school’s letters, like UCF, UML, NCS, and WFU. These acylic necklaces are fun, durable, and can always be put away for the next tourney! Acrylic necklaces are a great way to show your team pride!

So what colors are you wearing?

Shauna Rand

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