What To Put on Your Personalized Acrylic Necklace

Did you know what accessories are your best friend? It’s true. Especially colorful accessories! Accessories add focus to the places you want to highlight and add some much needed color to a drab and overall blah outfit. They offer up the option to bring in some of your own personal style, allowing you to define who you are. Plus, accessories allow you to create endless opportunities with your clothing to complete the look you are going for! And color is always in style and you will always look fabulous. But why go with any old colored bauble when you can wear something even more meaningful – like a personalized acrylic necklace! The two main types of personalized color jewelry out there are monogram accessories and name necklaces!

The Monogram Craze

Monograms are extremely popular right now, no one can deny it. Even J. Crew fell into the monogram trend with a short video about the popularity of this fashion movement. While monograms have been around for many, many years, it is only in the last few years that this unique form of personalization has been added to jewelry products. Everyone is sporting a monogram. And while traditional monograms consist of three initials (usually with the last name initial as the center initial because it is larger), you don’t need to follow this option. For a fun, unique look, monogram jewelry patrons are choosing their favorite three letter words or three letter abbreviations for their monogram. Everything from “BOO” to “BFF” can now be seen on monograms. What would you get on your monogram?!

What’s in a Name

Carrie from “Sex and the City” sported a name necklace with her name on it. But we’ve come a long way since then and name necklaces are back in style. While the traditional route does have you naming a necklace with your own name, you do not have to! Do you have a nickname every calls you, an inspirational word that you try to live by? Put that on your name necklace instead! You can wear your significant other’s name or even a random word – the choice is yours! The more unique the better because you know it will be highly unlikely someone is sporting the same name necklace as you!

Get Your Own Acrylic Necklace

Go big, go bold, go bright with your very own acrylic necklace. Whether you want to show the world who you are with a name necklace, or you are simply loving the new monogram style, a colorful piece of jewelry is the way to go. It is the perfect way to add that little splash of color you are looking for without going overboard. Everyone is sure to notice you when you are wearing it! You can get a necklace in your favorite color or get one in every color, and have the perfect piece of personalized jewelry to wear with each and every one of your outfits. Showing off your personality and your uniqueness has never been so much fun!

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