Everything You Wanted to Know about Acrylic Material

Ever wonder where something comes from, what its origins are? Of course you do. Well one material talked about here all the time is, of course, acrylic. It is a very durable material that, today, is used in a variety of applications, including jewelry. But let’s take a deeper look into this material and find all about it!

The History of Acrylic Material

Acrylic plastic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate (or PMMA for short) and is a clear plastic that is used in a variety of industries because it is lightweight and shatter resistant. Part of the basis of this material is methacrylic acid, and it was first discovered in Europe in 1865. However, it was not until the early 1930s when Otto Rohm, a German scientist, patented the product under the name Plexiglas, which everyone today knows of! Acrylonitrile, the other part of the basis, was founded in 1893 by a French chemist. However, it wasn’t until after World War I that its uses and applications were really discovered. By the 1950’s, acrylic material manufacturing became much more common ground.

Modern Uses of Acrylic

Acrylic plastic is one of the oldest materials that is commercially produced today. The primary output, Plexiglas, is commonly used in many applications, including bomber planes, aeroplanes, and a variety of ordinary items, including window panes (like the ones you see dividing the players from the spectators at hockey games), fibre optics, helmets, and aquariums. In other forms, acrylic is used in paints, clothing fibers, furniture, and artificial fingernails. Because this material is so lightweight, it is a great alternative to common glass because of how it looks. Today, many researchers are looking into this material to find more uses for it, including medical uses.

Get Yourself a Personalized Acrylic Necklace

You know what else acrylic is used for? Making personalized name necklaces and monogram jewelry. Personalized jewelry is extremely popular, and while silver and gold are always good options, with acrylic, you can have your name or monogram necklace in whatever color you want! And why have only one color when you can get an acrylic necklace in all the colors! This means a necklace for every occasion and every outfit! These necklaces are durable and make for great gifts for adults and children alike. If you love color (and who doesn’t), you will definitely want a personalized acrylic necklace of your very own!

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