Introducing the Acrylic Name Necklace

Starting in ancient times, colorful jewelry was used to communicate many different messages. Whereas jewelry was first used purely for functional reasons (for example, to hold fabric in place or even as protection), soon on after, jewelry became more fashionable! Colorful jewelry is used to showcase one’s personal style and taste. When we watch models walk the runway at all the top fashion shows, the jewelry they wear enhances the overall appearance and all provides something for the eye to focus on. Now it is time to take the name necklace to a whole new, colorful, level with the acrylic name necklace.

Get Any Name You Want on a Necklace

While name necklaces enjoyed a long stream of popularity during the 1980’s, it was the character of Carrie Bradshaw, on the hit HBO television show Sex and the City, that really brought back this personalized necklace into today’s fashion. You always knew the name of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character because she had a “Carrie” necklace around her neck. And at the end of the series, when she thought she lost it, she was devastated. That is because of how much the necklace meant to her. It was part of her identity, who she is. That is why so many people love name necklaces because you can get absolutely anything you want on one.

Popular ideas for name necklaces include your own name, the name of a significant other, a popular nickname, or even a word you live by. The possibilities are endless, and when you throw color into the mix, well, just think! You can get a personalized necklace in one color, or get the same name in every color and have one for every outfit! What name would you put on a name necklace?

See Your Name in Technicolor

A splash of color will take any outfit and raise it from “drab” to “fab” in a blink of an eye. Many of the top fashion magazine editors and celebrity stylists are touting the benefits of wearing colorful jewelry! Not only does it give you an extra pop to your outfit, but it is also a great way to express who you are, your individuality and uniqueness. When you wear a colorful name necklace, you are definitely showing off a part of you but in a fun and chic way!

Colorful Name Necklaces Make for Excellent Gifts

Personalized jewelry always makes a really nice present to give to anyone you know or even to yourself. Personalization takes jewelry to a brand new level because each and every necklace is unique and original. You can get a name, a nickname, or a favorite word put on a necklace. Because of the popularity of name necklaces, numerous jewelers offer personalized services and offer originally designed accessories to suit all needs and wants. Online retailers provide numerous collections and you can get any name you want. You can pick up your very own acrylic name necklace right here.

Name necklaces make for a treasured gift that lasts for a lifetime. And with a colored name necklace, anyone is sure to enjoy it for a long time! Show off your own individuality and use your creativity and imagination to make the perfect personalized necklace!

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